2021 - New Beginnings

Applied Data Finance

2021 started off with far better news when compared to a dull whole year of 2020.

Ever since my project with Growthink came to and end in December 2019, I was on the hunt for new work. But most of the job postings mentioned newer tech stuff like React, Angular and Vue which I didn’t explore mainly till date. So I registered for a couple of courses in the beginning 2020 and got the hang of basics of React and Angular. But even then most companies were on the lookout for 2-3 years of experince in these areas.

I wanted to join a worksplace where collaboration was there by default. All this time I was working as a sole developer and had no idea of collaboration on tech projects. So after a lot of applications, I was finally offered an opportunity with a Chennai based company called ADF Data Science - it’s Applied Data Finance in the USA where the company is registered. So far the journey has been good and I get to work with a whole lot of other developers who are mainly into Python and some are into Java.

Looking forward to contributing as a team member rather than as a one-man shop.